Ask the Doctor: Musical Date

Help me Doctor!: Dear Dr,  I’m hoping to make a favourable impression on a very cultured girl who enjoys classical music. Have you got any good suggestions on where I can take her in Melbourne? – Michael Your prescription: Hi Michael, it’s great to  hear that you’re doing your research in your quest to impress […]

Ask the Doctor: Melbourne Top 10

One of the most oft-asked questions for the doctor is a list of must-dos for a weekend trip to Melbourne. When answering, I assume that most visitors are either aware of or have done the usual ‘touristy’ stuff. So here are my Melbourne Top 10 to do/eat/see suggestions which are slightly more hidden, in no […]

Ask the Doctor: Small dishes for big eating

Help me Doctor!: We are in Melbourne for a long weekend next week and want to fit as many great eateries in as possible. Can you suggest ones that serve smaller dishes so we can visit more than one a night/day/meal? Thanks – Louise Your prescription: Hi Louise, great to hear that you’re planning your Melbourne […]

Ask the Doctor: Alkaline diet and raw food

Help me Doctor!: As me and my man are trying to eat drink and live as healthy as possible after years of ABS FAB nightlife (and daylife) we are eating as much alkaline food as possible. Can you tell me where I can find places that serve alkaline diet food or sell it? If you […]

Ask the Doctor: Upmarket restaurants that welcome solo diners

Help me Doctor!: I travel to Melbourne for a few days several times a year (for the shopping/galleries)  and on the past two trips have  had real issues with being a solo diner… MoVida -was ignored and watched people being sat ahead of me, had to argue to be given a single seat available at the bar. Gills Diner – […]

Ask the Doctor: Where to buy Japanese ingredients

Help me Doctor!: Do you know where in Melbourne I can buy black sesame paste and matcha powder (green tea in powder form)? I have not noticed them in Asian grocery stores. – Jenny T Your prescription: Perhaps you would have better luck with a Japanese specialist grocery store? Here are a list of Japanese […]

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