Having lived in Melbourne for several years, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about what was hidden in its mysterious laneways. Not so – I only found out about Guildford Lane today, and discovered that it is the resident of a fabulous (but freezing) warehouse-style art space called the Guildford Lane Gallery.

The gallery is currently hosting a poster exhibition entitled ‘KK Exports, 12 years of poster & other communication‘. The three floors feature works from the famous Amsterdam-based media agency, KesselsKramer (don’t worry about the weird sites you get linked to – it’s part of the fun’). KesselsKramer are probably most famous for its colour saturated and ironic campaigns for Diesel clothing, and most infamous for the disarming honesty and punk aesthetic of their ads for the worst hotel in the world, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel. One of the partners, Johan Kramer, also conceived and organised a soccer match between the two lowest-ranked countries, Montserrat and Bhutan, on the same day as the World Cup final in Japan, and produced a charming documentary called The Other Final.

The posters in this exhibition all demonstrate a irreverant and mischevious spirit, often with people with slightly stupefied expressions doing something silly. It’s only on for a short time, so you should get in quick to spend a couple of very enjoyable hours laughing out loud at KesselsKramer‘s shocking cleverness.