My French-speaking friend A introduced me to Waffle On when it first opened in 2003 and I’ve been a fan of this tiny establishment ever since. Even when I lived within a couple hours of France, I would still come to Waffle On on my visits to Melbourne to bask in some of owner Marc Laucher’s Gallic charm.

Waffle On first started its operations purely with waffles (served with coffee and hot chocolate). I’m told that Marc, while being French, studied and worked in hospitality in Liege, Belgium for around ten years, and it’s there that he  perfected his recipe for Liege style waffles (as opposed to Brussels style waffles). What makes these hot little treats so special is the caramelised crust is made from beet sugar imported from Belgium, as is the maple syrup he drizzles on them (though I prefer mine just dusted with icing sugar ($3)).

Waffle On

Marc has now expanded his waffle stall to include daily house-baked baguettes filled with traditional French fillings ($8.50, $10 with a bottle of water). I chose the salami and emmenthal baguette with French pickles. The bread was chewier than I expected, rather than super-crusty, but the filling was good. I don’t even like pickles but they really lifted the sandwich beyond the ordinary, so I highly recommend those of you who dislike pickles to give it a go.

So even if you don’t have a sweet tooth for waffles, you can join the office workers of the CBD as they line up for their baguettes. Or show your appreciation online – the baguettes even have their own (unauthorised) Facebook page!

For more great sandwiches in the CBD, try Migo’s and Pushka.

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