As my regular readers will know, I’m getting married soon – and as a Chinese bride it is traditional to have a Chinese tea ceremony.

So, another thing to tick off the wedding to-do list was to find a tea set. I wanted something that was vaguely Oriental, without any gaudy gold leaf or dragon/phoenix motifs. Fortunately Jetsetting Mum found just the right set for me at the funky tea store, T2. Ivy is a blue and white tea set with a curlicued design which is reminiscent of typical Chinese porcelain. Unfortunately I can’t show you what it looks like at the moment as the cute teapot ($20) and handle-less tea cups ($4 each) are packed away in T2‘s distinctive Asian newspaper gift-wrapping. (If you want to stickybeak at what else we’re doing for our wedding, check out Telegramstop).

hand hook yarn

On a completely different note, I got talking to the friendly shop assistant at T2 who told me that she’s actually a crafter. Berri Drum designs a collection of crochet accessories under the label Hand.Hook.Yarn. The photo above shows her winter collection and for summer she’ll be selling collars made from cotton rather than wool and in more vibrant colours. You can check out Berri’s work at the following upcoming markets: Rose Street Artists Market (1 and 22 Nov), Thread Den’s market (15 Nov), the Shirt and Skirt market (29 Nov), the new Blackbird Market in Fitzroy (5 Dec) and Craft Hatch (19 Dec).