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The small talk – a brief biography

In blogging terms, I’m a veteran.

I started blogging when I was 27 (on blogpost, shock horror) and living in London and travelling the world  – hence the nickname Jetsetting Joyce.

I’m now 39 with a husband and two kids in tow but still eating, riding and exploring my way around inner-city Melbourne. I’ve not lived in Melbourne my whole life which means I can say objectively it’s one of my favourite cities in the world.

I’m an intellectual property, IT and media lawyer by training, so in a way you could say I’m a professional writer and critic!

The blog

I get out and about in Melbourne with my notebook and digital camera in hand, giving my honest opinion about all that’s good, bad and ugly in my home town using a simple criteria – HOT or NOT.

This blog, and its binary rating system, is really a reflection of my personality – I’m decisive, honest and I don’t tend to shy away from saying what I really think. It’s also a reflection of my life and interests, hence sometimes there will be time lags in posts (because I’ve got to sleep and do the laundry at some stage) and you won’t get as many NOTs as HOTs because I don’t make time for events and places I suspect will be dodgy.

In general all reviews are conducted anonymously and at my own cost – if that’s not the case I indicate in my post. Often you will find that I’m accompanied by my husband RM (Renaissance Man) who is very accommodating about my need to take photos at restaurants and is happy to join me at random theatrical events in out-of-the-way places when he’s not busy reading Japanese literature, watching military history documentaries or cheering whatever sport is showing on TV.

Things I like

Eating cakes, Brancusi, cycling, fresh flowers, colourful scarves, my Kitchenaid, growing herbs, canal boats, Lanvin, hazelnut gelati, strapless dresses, discount vouchers,  Belgian chocolate,  Anthony Gormley and yoga.

Come and say hello at with your comments, feedback and suggestions. I’m very good at responding!

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