My last event of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival for this year was to support a friend’s winery, Pyren Vineyard.

Pyren Vineyard is a small scale producer of cool climate wines in the Pyrenees. For their newest wine, a Shiraz/Cabernet blend, they invited twelve artists to produce an original piece of art under the theme “Combinations of Two”. Each piece of art was then printed on the label of the wine, named Studio Ink, so that each dozen carton would have one of each design on the bottles.

At the launch of the wine, each guest was offered complimentary glasses of Studio Ink and the twelve artworks were displayed in full scale at the Hogan Gallery. The artists featured included Fleur Harris, Tomoro Takizawa, Riley Payne, Sarah Hankinson, Julia deVille, Jacqui Stockdale, Sarah Larnach, Danny Young, Andy Murphy, Polly Dedman, Nate Gamble and David Joy. They were all friends or related to the Joy family, which run Pyren, and the works on show at the Hogan Gallery ranged from naive colourful block prints to whimsical and delicate birds. This latter work by Melburnian Sarah Hankinson, as pictured on the left bottle, was my favourite .

The wine and the artworks, some of which are single pieces or limited edition prints, are all available for sale now.

    Studio Ink, Hogan Gallery, 310 Smith St, Collingwood +61 3 9419 6126