Jungle Juice Centre Place Melbourne

When you type ‘friand’ into Microsoft Word, the spellcheck automatically turns it into ‘friend’. Rather appropriate really – friands and I are definitely friends.

Recently my human friend B informed me that Jungle Juice made the best friands he’d ever had. I thought that this was definitely a claim worth confirming….

…and wowsers! My banana and strawberry friand ($3) was super-moist (perfect almond meal to butter ratio) and supercharged with sweet fruit flavour. Its adorable heart-shaped bum was dusted with icing sugar and I devoured entire  thing walking from Jungle Juice to Collins Street, a total distance of approximately 20 metres. Surely that’s a world record for friand-eating?

If you want to find your own friand-friend, be aware that the flavours at Jungle Juice change every day. I’m keeping an eye out for the next appearance of strawberry, balsamic vinegar and mint, which the friendly barista told me was his favourite flavour.

Jungle Juice Bar on Urbanspoon