The Pint of Milk is a lone ranger.

It’s in the middle of nowhere in Newport but has developed a reputation for excellent food and coffee such that westsiders travel up and down Douglas Parade to hang out there.

As its name suggests it used to be a milk bar so it’s not a huge space. There’s a communal table, some smaller tables surrounding it and some prized outdoor tables for cyclists, dog-walkers and families with young kids. They’ve retained some features from the old corner store such as the hardwood floors and old newspaper boards, while modernising it exposed light bulbs, tiled wall features and birds in flight by Jan Flook made from old tyres (as part of Art in Public Spaces).

The breakfast and lunch menu is extensive and available all day, with original dishes presenting a heavy Middle Eastern influence. Aaron, C, RM and I spanned both sides of the menu with a spiced chickpea, tomato and cumin cassoulet, two runny poached eggs flecked with hazelnut dukkah and a spoonful of sumac labne ($ 16), lamb kofta with quinoa, tabbouleh, babaghanoush and garlic yoghurt  ($19), soup of the week (potato and leek) $14 and a roasted veggie stack, taleggio cheese, sourdough crostini and herb dukka ($15).

The kitchen ticked the boxes for the 3 Fs – every dish was fresh, flavoursome and filling. Actually a particular highlight was the potato croquette ($3). It is worth ordering this as a side dish, you will love the crunchy through the crumbed shell to the creamy saffron-tinged mash inside.

Another highlight was the dessert. The cranberry and almond slice ($4) was like a soft polenta cake studded with fruit while the blondie was a sweet crumbly slice best shared between two.

While The Pint of Milk is not my local, it is a cafe worth checking out of you’re in the area – particularly before or after a visit to Scienceworks so you can avoid the not-so-exciting food offered at a tourist attraction.

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The Pint of Milk , 19 North Rd, Newport +61 3 9391 6641
Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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