Who would have thought that eating lunch at your desk could actually be a pleasurable experience?

Thanks to Goldilocks Lunch Box every Wednesday (between 10am – 12pm) a beautifully packaged and freshly made lunch is delivered straight to your door, courtesy of Goldilocks aka Chrissy.

There’s something so thrilling about having your lunch come gift-wrapped. You never know what delights are stored inside the string-tied recycled box but you can be assured that every lunch box comes with something big, something small and something sweet. It’s ‘just right’ as old Goldie would say. Every week the menu changes and there’s a meaty version and a vegetarian version. Chrissy can also cater for any dietary requirements or dislikes. I just told her ‘no artichokes please!’.

On my first order I received a soft Babka casalinga sandwich spread with a local salami, chorizo and
chevre mixture with organic salad greens, a homemade spinach, ricotta and feta tartlet, two huge chocolate dipped strawberries and a honey joy! That little childhood crackle of sweetness was enough to bring a smile to the rest of my workday.

Boxes are $15 each or 4 weeks for $55 (go on, it’s worth it and delivery breaks are no problem). I was going to wait for all 4 weeks of lunch boxes to arrive before I posted it but I think the concept is so cute and well done that they deserve a HOT now. I’m already looking forward to Wednesday!

Goldilocks Lunch Box currently deliver on Wednesdays to Fitzroy, Collingwood and Carlton and you have to order by Monday 6pm for that week’s delivery. It’s such a great concept that I’m sure it’ll be expanding to other areas soon, so LIKE their Facebook page to keep up to date with developments.

Goldilocks Lunch Box goldilockslunchbox@gmail.com or phone 0438 663 077