The second of the Green Saturday Matinees presented by Arts House was a performance by UK group Forced Entertainment entitled ‘Spectacular‘.

Well. I’m not sure how to describe what was possibly one of the worst theatre performances I’ve ever been unlucky enough to attend. I think the play was supposed to be a rumination on the absurdity of death when represented in theatre and the suspension of reality required by an audience seeing actors play dead. What actually transpired was 75 butt-scratchingly boring minutes of banal, low-level patter by a guy in a skeleton tracksuit interspersed with a woman retching and screaming in histrionic death throes. It was neither amusing on its face nor philosophically interesting. Within 20 minutes I was desperately trying to devise an exit strategy, but ended up being trapped for another 40 minutes until I gathered enough bravery to follow some other audience members who walked out. As I left I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I managed to save myself from further pain. Spectacularly bad.