Brendan’s first guest post on rock ‘n’ roll hairdresser Dr Follicles has become one of the most popular posts on MEL: HOT OR NOT, so by popular demand he’s providing you with his razor-sharp insight on Red Spice Road.

I went to Red Spice Road for lunch today. Frankly the menu is getting tired. Same lunch dishes for four months now. You can almost taste the apathy coming from the kitchen.

It’s still better-than-average fusion but not really worth reviewing as there’s nothing new going on there. PLUS their rice was cooked terribly. If an $8 a plate joint in Chinatown knows how to turn out perfect rice then really anyone can do it. They need to install a [Japanese brand] Tiger rice cooker. Having said that, their pork belly is very good and almost tips the balance to HOT.

Oh I hear there’s rumour going around that the restaurant has nude pictures of Poh, that Masterchef chick. The paintings in the restaurant are David Bromley originals, and he has painted Poh nude before, but a guy in my team knows one of the owners and apparently the Asian nude in the restaurant is the owner’s ex-girlfriend!**

**I’ll need to validate that factoid. The guy in my team talks a lot of talk.

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