Glenferrie Road is the train station for Swinburne University, so as you’d expect there are lots of takeaway restaurants in close vicinity which cater for poor, hungry students.

Several factors led me to Kim Chi Lunchbox: it was open, it wasn’t Indian (no shortage of burp-inducing Indian takeaway around Burwood Road and Glenferrie Road),  it was enroute to the train station and they had the day’s copy of The Age. None of which is really a good criteria for selecting a restaurant.

Kim Chi Lunchbox, 652 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Not that the food was bad – it just wasn’t particularly good. My bibimbap was a large bland bowl of rice, veges, bean sprouts and sliced beef. None of the famous Korean spicyness was evident, not even after numerous squirts from the chilli sauce plastic squeeze bottle presented with my bowl. The meal was sloppy but filling for $9, which I guess is really the only criteria if you’re a hungry student on a budget. However, I’d rather get my bibimbap from Goshen on Smith St.