Did I miss a trick with Noodle Kingdom?

I had read a heap of favourable reviews about this no-nonsense handmade noodle joint, including raves from The Age, Herald Sun, Eat Drink Stagger and Eat My Radish (some of them albeit about the Preston branch) and in need of a quick dinner one night I decided it was time to give their la mian a go.

Placing myself in the narrow corridor aka dining room, I ordered the house speciality, Lanzhou beef noodle soup ($8.50). What was soon delivered was an impressive looking bigger-than-my-head bowl of thin noodles (definitely handmade due to the irregularity of widths) with slices of beef. I dipped my spoon in – and frowned at the completely tasteless broth. Had another go. It was literally like water.

For the first time in living memory I actually considered doing the unspeakable and pouring a whole heap of soy sauce into the soup to boost the flavour. Instead, I opted for a whole heap of chilli sauce – you can see the aftermath below. Sadly, all it did was burn my mouth off without adding a  skerrick of flavour. Even the undeniably springy and toothsome noodles couldn’t make up for my disappointment.

I think I’m going to give Noodle Kingdom one more go with their other house specialty, beef brisket with hand pulled noodles, but only because I’m feeling left out by my less-than-impressive noodle experience amongst the chorus of yays.

For other soup noodle options nearby, try The Grand BBQ or Gold Star Noodle House.

  • Noodle Kingdom, 175 Russell St, Melbourne +61 3 9654 2828

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