So according to February’s The Age Melbourne Magazine, I’m one of Melbourne’s virtual celebrities :–)

In today’s Age newspaper, the glossy magazine insert has a story about some of Melbourne’s bloggers. You’ll meet Lady Melbourne, Literary Minded, Melbourne Gastronome, Planning with Kids…and yours truly, typing away at one of my favourite cafes, Proud Mary.

While it’s nice to be acknowledged for the time and effort I spend to write and manage this blog, what I’m truly thankful for is that it provides entertainment and information to so many of you – Melburnians who love this city and visitors who come to Melbourne in search of what makes it special.

When I first started this blog, it was a very basic, stripped-down affair with one or two paragraphs and no pictures. I tried to keep some level of anonymity and there was no schedule as to when I’d publish a post. After a while, I realised that I had enough content to write daily and keeping completely anonymous was just too hard. I’m sure regular readers and Twitter followers of Jetsetting Joyce have gleaned enough information to know where I live, my profession, my age, my interests, my dislikes and prejudices.

I often get asked why I blog, when it takes so much time and doesn’t pay. Well, much in the same way people join touch footy teams or play Scrabble, with no thought of becoming a professional sportsperson or a board game champion, it brings me pleasure and is immensely rewarding. As a lawyer, I do a different sort of writing for a living and blogging allows me to exercise a more creative style of writing. Through the blog I have corresponded with many readers and befriended members of Melbourne’s blogging community – it’s fun to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t encounter in my everyday life. The blog encourages me to seek out new places and things as I search for new content and as the blog’s profile has grown, it’s given me access to opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

As my life takes a new turn in 2011, with married life and a mortage, a baby due in a week and a bike-related small business (yes, I blog on those topics too, can’t help myself), who knows what new things MEL: HOT OR NOT will discover….and I hope that you’ll come along for the ride!