I’m more of a gatherer than a hunter. That means that I like to shop all the time, rather than only going shopping when I need something specific. Note I don’t think my shopping habit makes me a spendthrift – it means I have an outfit for any occasion at short notice (funeral? black tie? wedding? gig? Sorted.) and I can avoid stressy Christmas crowds because I’ve already got everyone presents throughout the year.

In the rare times when I have to shop with a purpose, the key is to have a mental little black book of locations – or search this blog *shameless plug*. So when I’m in need of shoes (or flat soled black knee-high boots in this case), my first port of call is always funky Zomp.

Zomp stocks a well-curated selection of fashionable imported shoes, from heels to sandals to flats to boots. Their stuff isn’t cheap but my view of shoes is that if you are going to wear them a lot it is worth paying for comfort and durability. At the moment there’s quite a bit of stock on sale, so I was able to find a pair of  Francesco Morichetti black buckled knee-high riding boots from Italy, made of softest leather and uber-comfortable, reduced from $575 to $375.

Buyers tip: Zomp have two stores in the CBD within close proximity to each other – 271 Little Collins St and 277 Flinders Lane. Each store actually sells slightly different stock so it’s worth checking out both stores if you have time, plus if you’re at one store they are very good at ringing ahead and asking the other store to hold styles/sizes for you.