While in London, I really gained an appreciation for the opera – so I was excited to hear that Cinema Nova were screening The Audition, a behind-the-scenes documentary about New York’s Met Opera auditions.

The story follows a group of hopeful young opera singers as they prepare for the grand final – a chance to be one of six winners of a bursary and recognition of their world-class potential. Although I am definitely not a professional musician, my years of piano exams and piano competitions meant that I could respect and relate somewhat to the experience of these young artists. You work long and hard, often solo, to prepare for a single moment – and you can’t rely on anyone else when you’re on stage, alone with your instrument.

To me it was quite clear from the start who some of the winners would be – their personality, drive and vocal quality was striking. However, it was still an interesting journey, and of course I got to hear some wonderful music.