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Sydney’s venerable fabric shop Tessuti Fabrics have recently opened their first Melbourne store in amongst the galleries, artisans and designer ateliers of Flinders Lane.

It’s a light and airy space containing a rainbow spectrum of fabrics, buttons, threads and finishings on every wall, plus an inviting wooden table piled with further inspiration in the form of fashion magazines and pattern books. (Coincidentally I was wearing a navy blue dress from a 1952 Vogue vintage pattern – and there it was, on the table!).

The friendly shop assistant informed me that the stock is mainly filled with local designer ends, from Marnie Skillings to Zimmermann. I noticed that sometimes the fabric rolls attached a photograph of the resulting catwalk creation, which means you can experience a vicarious thrill from wearing the same fabric as Agyness Deyn.

They’re having a sale at the moment, before the owner Colette returns from her annual buying trip and restocks in September with designer ends coming out of the Europe. Bargain-hunter that I am, I headed straight to the half-price remnants table and picked up a beautiful length of printed chiffon by Lisa Ho, which I’m going to turn into a scarf just as soon as I book myself into Sewing Basics Module 1 at Thread Den. Evidently I’m not the first person with such an idea, as the customer before me bought a 30cm length of Etro fabric (at $79 a metre) to turn into a scarf – much more economical than buying an actual Etro scarf for over $200.

Inspired yet? If you can’t get yourself down to the CBD, they also sell their wares via their online shop.
Update 14 August: Registration for the annual Tessuti Awards is open! Tessuti Fabrics run an annual competition to recognise up and coming designers and home couture. Entries close August 28 for two categories Vintage Little Black Dress & Smart Day/Evening Wear and the prize is a trip to Paris! Ooh la la!