Today I’ve been channelling my inner Swedish housewife by baking some cinnamon buns and walnut and sultana bread. As I haven’t managed to leave the house yet (it’s so warm and smells so good!), I thought I’d write an overdue HOT about Telegramstop.

Everyone’s communicating via the electronic world these days. I confess that I write emails to my friends more often than I call them, RM often likes to send me hyperlinks to articles and my mum forwards me Youtube clips. So when RM and I wanted to send our guests a ‘Save the Date’ notice for our wedding, we didn’t just want to just ping a mass email or post a cream-embossed card with calligraphy and pink hearts on it.

Enter Telegramstop. I don’t normally review online businesses as generally there’s nothing specifically Melburnian about them. However, in this case I know that Telegramstop are based in Melbourne and I think they deserve a lot of love. Basically, the easy-to-use website allows you to write a personalised message (with STOPs!), which is printed on authentically vintage paper and date-stamped in a wonky post-office-worker kind of way. The telegram is then popped into a bright yellow envelope and can be posted to anyone in the world for US$4.70.

I was one of the first bulk orders they received and the service I was received was thoughtful and patient. Most importantly, all of our guests located all around the world loved receiving their telegrams!