I know, I know, it’s hardly ice-cream weather at the moment (but forecast sunny today and tomorrow!). But I for one cannot resist ice-cream any time of year. Especially where you can help yourself!

For this post I’m lumping frozen yoghurt in with ice-cream as in my mind they’re much the same, though frozen yoghurt is the healthier, though no less interesting or indulgent, frozen dessert option. While frozen yoghurt is nothing new, Story In A Cup is a unique concept because it’s a self-serve frozen yoghurt and smoothie bar. It’s like a fun, more adult version of the Sizzler dessert bar!

The bright shop has eight self-serve levers, each releasing a different frozen yoghurt flavour into your choice of size cup. You then take your frozen yoghurt to the toppings counter, where you can pile on things like nuts, smarties and my personal pick, mini mochi balls! It’s easy to go a little mad so remember that the whole concoction is then charged by weight.

For guidance, a medium cup filled to an average level will cost about $6.50. Don’t be swayed by the girl behind the counter telling you not to pick the small size but to go straight for the medium cup because the yoghurt will swirl better in it. You’ll just end up eating more frozen yoghurt than first intended – I mean, have a look at the size of our cups!

Though really that’s not such a bad thing. The fresh yoghurt was creamy and sweet and not very yoghurt-y at all (if you don’t like the usual sour tang of yoghurt). C and I tried all the flavours between us and concluded that the limited edition French Cookie and Cream and Chocolate were the pick of the bunch. From a health perspective they market their probiotic frozen yoghurt as 98% fat free and gluten free.

To assauge your dessert-eating guilt further, Story In A Cup’s Facebook page states that they donate some of the profit from each cup to a cause, though in the store the donation or the benefiting cause wasn’t made particularly clear. Never mind, eat up!

For more frozen yoghurt goodness, try Cacao Green.

Story In A Cup, Shop 4, 9 Yarra Lane, South Yarra

Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm