Long ago when I first moved to Melbourne, I asked my flatmate whether she could recommend a hairdresser. She immediately launched into an enthusiastic PR spiel for her hairdresser, known as Stelios (only one name required, like Madonna). My haircuts gained such widespread acclaim that at one stage literally ten of my friends were getting their hair cut by him – including the infamous Huy virgin-headshave, which launched the beginning of many bald man smouldering photos.

After being away from Melbourne for two years, I was relieved to discover that Stelios was still working. His salon sits above the Biba salon in Richmond – there’s no sign and he doesn’t advertise, as his loyal clientele keep him busy enough. My visit was the same as usual – vibrating massage chair for the hairwash, organic hair products, minimal conversation (as I like to use the time to catch up on my trashy magazine reading), careful snipping and shaping, ending with a ruffle of Sebastian clay for that bed-hair look. $75.