social media club breakfast

This week at the Social Media Club breakfast I met  Michelle Lambert, from SIRF Rt. SIRF Rt organises collaborative roundtables for corporate organisations to share their knowledge management processes, information, experiences and insights. Corporate member organisations ranging from Medibank, National Australia Bank, Australian Unity and Telstra gather together four times a year at Melbourne Zoo to talk big picture knowledge management issues. In addition, 8-12 times a year there are smaller common interest work group meetings where member organisations can discuss a specific aspect of a roundtable topic.

What I found interesting was the organisations were willing to share their content and processes with direct competitors. Michelle told me that the open, generous atmosphere and general buzz of the events was something quite exciting to behold. The reason the roundtables worked was because it allowed people to discuss their business issues in a safe environment and seek advice from their peers from other organisations.

Joining our chat was the stylish, distinctively Afro-coiffed Tutu Ralogaivau (“The Guy”) from 4horseMEN. Tutu and five guys produce a Melbourne-based life style video magazine which promotes the latest in art, music, street culture and fashion.  So in a way you could say that they’re doing street-wise video version of MEL: HOT OR NOT! Offering event reviews via images and 2-minute trailer-style videos is a great market niche. Who knows, if I get any budget maybe one day you might be watching me instead of reading this blog.

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