Siglo Bar Spring Street Melbourne

The summer heat is fading, so now’s your final chance to lounge around in the breeze of Melbourne’s open-air rooftop bars.

Melbourne’s CBD offers a rooftop aesthetic for everyone, from kitsch (Madame Brussels), funky (Rooftop Bar) to corporate (Collins Quarter). The classiest of them all is Siglo Bar, which sits atop of the elegant restaurant  The European and the leather-and-wood polish of the Melbourne Supper Club.

Siglo commands spectacular views of the genteel 19th century side of Spring Street, with the columns of Parliament House on one side and the dome of the Princess Theatre on the other. The graceful setting demands good wine and fine champagne and the crowd is generally dressed up and cashed up. That’s not to say it’s stuffy, but if you’re looking for underground edginess or a revolving dance floor this is not the place to find it. It’s a lovely place for a soothing after-work drink before heading out to dinner or the perfect locale for drinks and nibbles while watching the sun sink away and the lights of the Spring Street come to life.

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