I’m pretty embarrassed. Today I had to shuffle to Rebound Sports Physio, not because of a sports injury, but because I sneezed too hard and put my lower back out. Damn those core muscles!

The last couple of days have been spent pretty much wincing from my latex foam mattress to the Le Corbusier chaise lounge, but as my glutes were tightening around my lower back like there was no tomorrow, it was time to take physio action.

Sport physiotherapist Ann Wu has just opened her practice with a myotherapist and remedial massage therapist, so it was pretty quiet when I arrived. She seems have done some cool stuff in her time, including being head physio to the Chinese Olympic basketball team and working with Gymnastics Australia and VFL teams. She was thorough and knowledgeable and gave me a deluxe 80 minute treatment that had me feeling a whole lot better afterwards.