YAY for my first show of the Melbourne Fringe Festival – a two and a half week extravaganza of comedy, song, dance, cabaret, art and general wackiness.

Philip Escoffey is a well-known performer famous for his mind-reading skills, so I’m not entirely sure whether you’d consider his show Six More Impossible Things to Do Before Dinner ‘fringe’. Nevertheless, he’s playing in Melbourne after an extended season at Sydney Opera House and popular shows at the Edinburgh and Melbourne comedy festivals. If you haven’t had a chance to see him yet then I highly recommend that you grab a ticket for his two week season at the Arts Centre.

Let me say now that I do not believe in mind-reading, or psychic powers, or things like astrology, tarot cards or other forms of fortune telling. If you do believe in those concepts, then you’ll be captivated by Philip’s ability to guess seemingly random cards, shapes, words and colours. If you’re a sceptic, you’ll be highly entertained because you’ll spend the whole time twisting your mind, trying to decipher how he did it. In fact, when you type ‘Philip Escoffey’ into Google, one of the most popular suggested search terms is ‘Philip Escoffey how does he do it’ – seems that everyone is fascinated by the experience and wants to discover the methods behind his show.

RM and I are guessing that stooges are used, as well as marked objects and a practised ability to read body language tics. Whatever you think, I guarantee that you’ll come away from the theatre discussing the baffling 60 minutes you just witnessed.