Penang Coffee House 549 Burwood Rd Hawthorn

Penang Coffee House is the kind of reliable takeaway that everyone wants in their neighbourhood. No frills plastic furniture, hosed-down tiled flooring, a good place to take kids, BYO and large servings of Malay/Thai/Indian/Straits food.

RM and I shared a plate of run-of-the-mill samosas (5.80), a tasty but rather soy-soaked hokkien mee ($11.20) and a spicy char kway teo (good but still not matching our benchmark of the dish at Kiasu in London) ($11.20). It’s not a place that you’re going to take a first date (that stark flourescent light isn’t very flattering), but the surroundings are low-key and comfortable, and it’s good eating and good value. Just a tip – they only take cash, so be prepared.

For other great Malaysian fare, try Old Town Kopitiam Mamak and Malaysian Oriental Wok.

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