I really think that unless you’re a blogger, it’s very hard to understand the dedication, discipline,  nay obsession, that blogging can become in your life. Hardly anyone makes any money out of this time-consuming hobby, but we all do it for the love.

So big thanks to Nuffnang for bringing fellow obsessives together by organising the inaugural Nuffnang Christmas Party for bloggers – not just in Melbourne, but also Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The theme was ‘blue’ and over drinks and delicious nibbles at Terra Rossa, I met people who’d I’d been reading and stalking online for months and found out about blogs based in Melbourne that I’d not come across before.



Nuffnang is a blog advertising community which started off in Malaysia and Singapore and about a year ago came to Australia. Basically the business model is to bring advertisers and bloggers together so that advertisers can target their products to particular readerships and bloggers can make some pocket money from their hard earned efforts. You may have noticed Nuffnang ads occasionally on MEL: HOT OR NOT.


Grace from My Living Footprints and Poppy from Poppy Gets a Life.

Poppy used to work as a management consultant and decided to ditch it all for some work-life balance. Now she has the enviable job as a strategy analyst for a high-end cosmetics company. And yes, she does get product samples.


Pingky Fairy, her sister and Celeste from Petite Valse.

In fact, Celeste writes three other blogs. Plus she is a music teacher at a school and does private lessons. Plus she makes her own clothes. Plus she’s really into World of Warcraft. This woman is superhuman and still manages to sleep.


Candice from fashion blog Super Kawaii Mama, Penny aka Jeroxie from food blog Addictive & Consuming and Henry who posts his pics here.

I had a long chat with Candice about how she got started, how she takes her pictures (with a point and shoot, remote control and a plant stand), whether she really dresses up every day (yes, it’s not just for show and it takes her about 15-20 minutes to get ready), when she takes her shots (10am generally for the best light) and the intellectual property issues relating to blogging.

Penny and I, the only food bloggers at the party, naturally bonded over the platter of aracini and we’ve already arranged lunch in the new year.


Julie from Beautiful You with her husband.

Julie works at the Butterfly Foundation, a charity which provides support for Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues and their carers. So obviously these issues are very dear to her heart and her blog is all about building self-esteem, loving the way you look and living life to the full.


More members of the Nuffnang team with Akisa from BeautySwatch.

If you’ve ever been unsure about what colour lipstick will suit you, or what ‘fantastic fuschia’ really looks like on real skin, then BeautySwatch is your first port of call. The number of featured lipsticks on this site is literally mindblowing, with contributors from all over the world posting up their pouts.

Also in attendance were well-known Melbourne fashion bloggers Phoebe from Lady Melbourne, Sarah from Style Melbourne and Hayley from Fashion Hayley plus a host of other bloggers who I didn’t have a chance to meet. If you were there and am reading this, pop me an email to say hello!

A final thank you again to Nuffnang for organising such a great night. They’re hoping to hold more blogger get-togethers every couple of months, so keep an eye out for information on the blogosphere.