Nicolangela GPO Melbourne

When I was a young grad, fresh out of uni, I used to do walk up to Nicolangela’s delightful Greville Street shop (which is no longer) and peer inside longingly, just like Holly Golightly drinking her coffee outside Tiffany’s. The store was a treasure chest of beautiful dresses designed and made in Melbourne, from sleek slinky gowns to feminine 50s style frocks. However, I’d always have to leave disappointed – I couldn’t really afford the dresses on my meagre budget and never had special occasions to justify the purchase.

Nicolangela GPO Melbourne

Switch forward five years, and hello to the benefits of having a steady income. When Nicolangela announced they were having a 50% off everything, I didn’t think twice before taking a hop, skip and jump to GPO. I even had a reasonable excuse – next year I’m attending five weddings, four of them in four consecutive weeks and some of them with overlapping guests lists. Like a Hollywood celeb, I couldn’t be seen in the same outfit twice (gasp) and certainly not within the same week!

Nicolangela does clothes that suit my style – elegant, sexy, polished and feminine. If I had a wedding or event to attend every week of the year I could easily buy up the whole shop. Most of their designs come in a rainbow array of colours and I personally veer towards the bright jewel tones. The lovely Bianca helped me try on half a dozen dresses before I finally settled on three very different outfits.

Nicolangela GPO Melbourne

‘Willow’ a Betty Draper-esque dress with a cowl neckline and full skirt with handpainted silk.


‘Anna’ a sexy traffic-stopping scarlet cocktail dress.


‘Camilla’ a sweetly bowed silk dress in a deep blue.


Now I have a whole coterie of wedding outfits, all sorted in a lunch hour and without breaking the bank. If you too need a dressy outfit, Nicolangela is on sale still – get in quick!

PS I’ve had some questions about my red shoes – they are by Georgina Goodman, which I bought heavily discounted at the Scanlan & Theodore clearance store.