I wish the Metlink Edible Garden was a permanent fixture in Melbourne’s CBD.

Just for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (which is being held between 12-23 March), City Square has been transformed into a living, breathing biosystem. Australia’s largest gardening club The Digger’s Club have been responsible for planting 60 heirloom varieties in the raised garden beds resting on the normally concrete/dirt concourse.

The space spills with lush vegetation of herbs, vegetables and flowers and I even saw a fluttering butterfly in the arched trellises of beans (or it might have been a white cabbage moth,  but you get the picture). Unfortunately you can’t harvest crops from the garden, but you can see, touch and smell all the plants.

If you’re passing by you can receive a card flecked with seeds to plant at home.

In addition, every day there are demonstrations from The Digger’s Club and renowned Melbourne chefs, with topics covering anything from edible sculpture, how to make compost to pastry desserts.

The Metlink Edible Garden is only open until Friday 19 March. I hope all those plants find a good home…or get eaten!