Another night of fashion at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, this time for the young and fresh looks of Alice McCall, Arabella Ramsay, Bettina Liano, Gorman, Leopold, LIFEwithBIRD, Manning Cartell, Nevenka, Nicolangëla, Obüs and Wayne Cooper.

My tongue-in-cheek conclusion: quiffs are in fashion. Big quiffy fringes are not really my look, but they sure add height to models, and ‘edged out’ (as Tyra Banks would say) some of the more feminine and frilly looks of this parade. My neighbour’s fashionable quiff also managed to obscure many of my camera angles, so you’ll have to forgive the quality of some of the photos. Excuses, excuses…

I don’t proclaim to be a fashion journalist, so for what it’s worth Nicolangëla and Wayne Cooper provided most of my picks of ‘things I liked and that I would actually go and buy’. What can I say, I have a penchant for cocktail and evening dresses, not so much cutesy bum-grazing hemlines. And for me the very last dress worn by the face of MSFW, Lucy McIntosh, was the most swoon-worthy (by Wayne Cooper). Glamorous, slinky 30s style black silk gown, modernised by an oversized asymmetrical frill. Seriously sexy yet elegant. LOVE IT.

Here are my favourite images and a slide show of all the photos for you.