Delicate Mayhem Melbourne

When RM and I moved in together we discovered several things:

1. I had a lot of kitchen gadgets and shoes;

2. He had a lot of books and electrical cords; and

3. We both had too much artwork and not enough walls to hang them.

Given our shared tendency to buy photographs, prints and paintings, when it came time to design our wedding invitations we naturally decided to commission a piece of artwork. Specifically, our own representation of Melbourne, the city where we met and which we have grown to love.

And I knew just the artist for the job. I first encountered Laura Jordan’s work  (under the label Delicate Mayhem) when I became enamoured of her finely-coloured ink drawings at the Portobello Road markets. I brought one of her London cityscapes home with me (it’s got a spot on one of our scarce walls) and we asked her to design a companion piece for Melbourne which incorporated our wedding venues and little personal touches like our favourite place for yum cha and the rowers on the Yarra.

Laura did a stellar job and we’d like to say a huge e-thank you to her and Eleanor for working with us on this beautiful piece. The picture will reward you if you take the time to pick through the incredible detail (you might need to right click to view then zoom). Without ever having been to Melbourne, Laura has captured the city’s landmarks, the genteel rumbling of the City Circle tram and Melbourne’s eclectic, multicultural population going about their everyday business as they buy a tram ticket, cycle or read a book. It’s like we’ve all has gone down a 21st century rabbit hole and come out a little scrambled, intertwined with winched cables, industrial tubing and dripping paint. It truly is delicate mayhem and I love it.

For London readers, Laura Jordan of Delicate Mayhem will be exhibited by Gallery One at London Art Fair stand G30 from 13-17 January.