Arts House, a contemporary arts organisation in North Melbourne, is presenting a series of contemporary performances called Look Out, with the first events happening in August.

As part of the organisation’s commitment to offset its carbon footprint, it’s offering free tickets to Saturday matinee performances if you arrive at the venue by an emission-free mode of transport, such as a walking, bike and public transport. Green Saturday Matinees are such a great idea and the two performances I attended were a full house.

Once and for all we’re gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen‘ was a theatre performance by the Belgian (Flemish) performance group Ontroerend Goed for the unrestrained Skins generation. As the prologue stated ‘you will feel old’. A group of thirteen teenagers presented a series of repetitive vignettes, slightly different every time, which delved into the wild moods, fearlessness and curiosity of adolescence.  The play developed from improvisations conducted by the young actors who were inspired by their personal experiences and emotions. The director gave only one rule ‘you don’t hurt anybody that doesn’t want to be hurt’. So at various times the teenagers screamed, kicked, writhed, pushed, slapped, snogged and hugged each other as well as throwing chairs, spraying silly string and pouring water on each other.

Even though this just sounds like an end-of-school muck up day, the performance bursted with a maelstrom of raw, anarchic energy, making it very exciting to watch. The mostly adult audience loved it, applauding and cheering loudly at the end.