Madame Sousou is a slice of Paris placed into a corner of Fitzroy and it transports me to one of my favourite places in the world every time I step through the doors. The interior is all old-world romance, with gilded mirrors, cosy tables, antique  posters and wooden champagne crates decorating the walls. The lighting is very dim, perfect for intimate tete-a-tetes but not so great for on-location food photography, sorry.

The menu is classic French bistro fare. Resisting my urge for duck a l’orange (I’m really just a sucker for duck every time) I decided to try the cassoulet ($33) instead. Next best thing really, as the dish normally contains duck meat and duck fat. RM chose the cote de porc ($33) with a glass of 2006 Villa Wolf Pinot Gris ($9). With our meals we shared an unnecessary side dish of beans topped with roasted slivered almonds which, when it came to the table, wafted the heady scent of butter, butter and more butter ($8).

My cassoulet was a twist on the traditional, using green broad beans instead of white beans. This gave the dish a much more colourful and appealing appearance than usual and it made me wonder why other restaurants didn’t follow suit.

RM’s porc was enormous as you can see and cooked a little pink on the inside as it should be. He wasn’t too excited by the cheesy crust but that’s just his personal preference.

While we glanced jealously at the chocolate fondant at the next table, we really weren’t up for any more food but instead rolled home happy and satisfied with our little dip into France for the evening.

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