As the we count down to the close of 2009, I thought that I’d jump on the ‘best of’ lists bandwagon and reflect back on 10 high and low moments for MEL: HOT OR NOT in 2009. So, I present the inaugural HOT OR NOT List 2009!

1. HOT 3 Theatre shows that made me miss the West End

2. HOT 3 Baked goods

3. NOT 3 films that everyone else loved and I really didn’t

4. HOT 3 great new free things in Melbourne that I discovered

5. HOT 3 crafty markets

6. NOT 3 hours of my life I’m never going to get backMarche Rouge, Christmas Shopping Event, Salon 205, Level 2, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne

7. HOT 3 Temporary art works

8. HOT 3 Fashion flicks that convinced me that I should wear heels all the time

9. NOT 3 restaurants that promised much and delivered disappointing results

10. HOT 3 things I’ve ticked off the wedding-to-do list

You can read the rest of the HOT OR NOT List 2009 tomorrow.