Laksa King

In my daily life I don’t have much cause to go to Flemington…except to visit Laksa King.

If a place hangs its shingle on a single dish, then you’d better believe that the laksa at Laksa King is outstanding. And while the menu boasts 120+ items of Malaysian and Chinese food, the must-have dish is definitely a gigantic bowl of spicy noodle soup. There are eight versions to choose from!

The laksa is a bargain for under a tenner ($9.80) and it comes in a deep vessel that’s bigger than my head. I choose the combination curry laksa in which lurks shredded chicken, sliced fish cakes, prawns, tofu, a hunk of deep-fried eggplant, bean sprouts and egg and rice noodles, all garnished with a sprinkling of fried shallots. Everything is revealed once I dig my spoon and chopsticks underneath the spicy, lava red soup.

Laksa King

There’s much slurping and brow-wiping as I hoe into the bowl. It has a satisfying chilli spice with a good kick, the soup isn’t too oily and the coconut milk doesn’t overpower or dilute the base stock. The noodles are cooked al dente and for someone who doesn’t tend to like eggplant the squidgy vegetable makes an interesting textural contrast.

Laksa King dole out so many bowls of its laksa a day that there must be a hyper-efficient production line in the kitchen. I got my lunch around 3 minutes after I ordered it – even before the waitress could bring me a bottle of tap water. Bet you McDonald’s can’t beat that speed!

Laksa King

Laksa King is hugely popular for good reason. The buzzing restaurant is very large, light and clean with stylish pendant lamps and dotted with greenery. I was expecting more grungy plastic furniture and wipe down plastic tablecloths so the decor is a nice surprise. The service is fast and friendly and the restaurant caters  for friends, single diners and families (they have high chairs). The food is delicious, cheap and fast – next time I’m going to try their dumplings/wontons which I spied being made from scratch in the kitchen.

Laksa King

All hail the king!

Laksa King, 6-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington 03 9372 6383

Lunch 11:30am – 3pm

Dinner Mon-Thu, Sun 5pm-10pm

Dinner Fri-Sat 5pm – 10:30pmOnly closed on Christmas Day

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