I first found out about Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation Green Renters because I was looking for double-sided door snakes for my freezing house.

Huh? You say. Door snakes?

You know, those long stuffed fabric lengths your granny used to use to fit under doors to keep warm air in and draughts out. The beauty of a double door snake is that it doesn’t need to be repositioned every time you open the door. And you know what? They are nigh impossible to find (unless you make your own, and crafty I am not).

Green Renters are a not-for-profit organisation providing sustainability advice specifically for those living in rental accommodation. Along with decking out my house in double door snakes they deliver workshops, host events and run projects all over Melbourne and surrounds.

I’m not actually a renter, one of the workshops I’ve been wanting to get to for a while is to learn to make your own jams and preserves. While I could borrow a book from the library or attend a pricey cooking class, Green Renters run a 2 hours session once every few months for $25, which includes reference materials and the delicious outcomes of the jam-making.

Our class started with Cate talking about the basics of preserving, including preparation, jar sterilisation, setting points and bottling. We then split into three groups to work on three recipes – a kiwi fruit jam, apple and rhubarb jam and tomato kasundi.

Jam-making is a pretty long process so our time passed with cups of tea, scones and relaxed chit-chat while the most gorgeous smells wafted around the room.

Here is my group’s proud handiwork – beautiful rosy jars of apple and rhubarb jam. I’m making scones this afternoon!

Check out other upcoming activities run by Green Renters on their homepage or join their mailing list.