The Indonesian Film Festival is coming to Melbourne 11-20 August. If you’d like to go, I have a free ticket to Kambing Jantan for Saturday 15 August at 5:30pm at the Capitol Theatre, Swanston St. Just pop me an email at with your details before midday this Wednesday and I’ll express post it to you!

The film will start as young Dika, who also has a nick name: Kambing (Goat), ‘forced’ to continue his study in Adelaide Australia, taking Finance as his major. A direction of life he has never imagined before. The beginning of the journey to find his real existence in this world, his self identity.

The main plot of this film will generally unfold the real life events that took place during his academic life in Adelaide, as well as his problematic long distance relationship with his girl, Kebo, which leads him to having some financial issues. Issues which Dika tries to take care of, but in ways that put him more in to troubles.