Happy New Year! Hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break.

Apparently one of the best ways to stretch out that happy holiday mood is to continue one holiday habit in your everyday life. With Melbourne’s unpredictable heat waves, one holiday habit I’ll be continuing is daily ice-cream!

Fortunately in Melbourne there’s lot of places to choose from, though I’m pretty sure that Helados Jauja is the only Argentinian ice cream shop in town. It’s a small store front in the midst of the Italian gelati and serves up a daily changing mix of traditional ice cream flavours along with some more unusual offerings.

I like Helados Jauja for three  reasons. One, the ice cream is handmade on premises with natural ingredients – milk, eggs, fresh cream, fruit, nuts and even the mint is picked fresh from the potted mint plant on the counter bench. They don’t use flavouring, colouring or premixes so the ice cream you get has a fresh, clean and vibrant flavour. Now that I make my own ice cream I can really appreciate how different standard commercial ice cream can taste.

Secondly, Helados Jauja offers flavours I’ve never tried anywhere else (not having visited South America before) – soursop, yerba mate and dulce de leche with different mix-ins. They occasionally dip into Asian flavours too – coconut, black sesame and pandan have all made an appearance.

Finally, Helados Jauja is the work of Po-Lin, an ex-lawyer and ice-cream enthusiast who left a job that she’d expected to be her lifelong career to follow her dream of opening an ice cream store. I love hearing about people who drop out of the corporate world to do something they’re passionate about and which has nothing to do with a desk behind a cubicle!

Helados Jauja, 254 Lygon St, Carlton
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