I think I’m a bit in denial about reaching my third decade. I can yank out those white hairs, dab eye cream religiously and hit the gym for Body Pump workouts. But whereas I used to have an almost weekly gig habit, even on school nights, I have to acknowledge that I find it very hard to maintain the momentum to do 11:20pm gigs these days. My nightlife mostly now consists of watching a movie or reading a book and heading to bed at 10:30pm for my beauty sleep.

Triple J described I Heart Hiroshima as the best band to come out of Brisbane since the Go-Betweens. For their gig at the intimate East Brunswick Club, the three piece (two guitarists and a drummer) played songs from their first and upcoming albums. Their music was good fun – a kind of spiky, humorous, shouty, catchy drum-driven indie rock, but it wasn’t exactly ground-breaking or innovative stuff. To be honest they sounded like a spawn of the UK guitar sound produced by many other Norfern bands I heard in London.

Nevertheless, being there, feeling the drum beats ricocheting in my chest, reminded me about why I enjoyed going to see live music. So, I’m going to aim to go to a gig a month before I really turn into a white-haired, wrinkled and housebound housewife.

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