Albert Park is surely the ultimate suburb to find glossy blonde ladies-who-lunch, so what better place to set up a cafe called Hausfrau?

Hausfrau Albert Park is the sister cafe to the original Hausfrau in Yarraville and it opened two weeks ago. The cafes look similar with their quaint tea salon decor, except that the Albert Park version is much more…pink. The interior brought to mind an exploded Barbara Cartland marshmallow with a maraschino cherry on top.

With that sort of colour scheme, it draws a clientele that’s 99% female, though I did see one lone male (with a female companion) reading a book and contentedly sipping a cup of tea from a china cup. So men, don’t be put off by the pastel colours and instead enjoy the spaciousness, the long wooden communal table with lots of room for sprawling weekend papers and the large cake and sandwiches selection in the glass cabinet (their bread comes from Noisette but everything else is homemade).

My afternoon tea consisted of a hazelnut meal base topped with ruby-red rhubarb ($5.50). It was a balanced combination of sweetness and tangy tartness and moreishly moist. I also couldn’t resist their version of the gingerbread man, the super-cute gingerbread hausfrau (complete with piped icing apron) ($3.50), a soft biscuit with a faint spiciness – nothing worse than dry, cracking gingerbread.

Given its prominent corner location and adorable colour scheme, I’m sure Hausfrau will do well amongst the wealthy housewives set in Albert Park. Just BYO poodle.

  • Hausfrau, 123 Bridport St, Albert Park +61 3)9686 8226