Grill’d don’t just produce any burgers, they pride themselves on producing large, healthy and tasty premium burgers (a la Gourmet Burger King). From what I could see their clientele seemed to be mostly single males between the ages of 20-35, so it was only natural that it was RM’s first choice for a lunch spot.

Despite not being their target market, I enjoyed my Hot Mama beef burger with salad, harissa and tzatiki ($11.50). The beef patty was a bit overcooked for my taste, thus lacking juiciness, but still the quality of the meat was evident. At the time of ordering I was given the choice of hot or burn ya face off hot….and I can confirm that the latter is really very hot in a masochistic kind of way. RM similarly enjoyed his Zen Hen chicken burger with satay sauce ($9.90), although I’m not sure whether he realised there was herb mayo in it (he has a deathly fear of mayonnaise). We also shared a small portion of chips, which were properly fried and sprinkled with herbs. Eating with our hands, letting the juices run down our fingers, basking in the Sunday sun – it was the perfect weekend carbo-loading lunch.

Update 9 May 2009: Saturday night in front of America’s Next Top Model meant it was Burger Night! So to our nearest Grill’d in QV for a Sweet Chilli Chicken ($8.90) and a highly recommended Bombay Bliss ($9.90).

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