There are certain cafes that are the perfect weekend haunts for nursing a hangover.

The requisite criteria? Huge servings of hearty breakfast, lashings of coffee, nothing too fancy or complicated and good value for money.

I think one of the places that does ‘hangover food’ really well is Green Refectory – and judging by the lines at the counter on a Saturday morning, Brunswick locals agree.

Sidling past the loved-up couples in trackie-daks and gung-ho morning exercisers with their takeaway coffees, I sneaked a seat in the communal table in the front room and waited for my breakfast stack.

What arrived was an Everest of alcohol-absorbing food – a potato cake (better described as mashed potato pushed into a circular patty), grilled tomato halves, bacon, a thick hunk of haloumi, spinach and topped with a poached egg. The perfect way to start your Atkins diet for a mere $10.

The other equally popular menu item appeared to be the pancakes. It’s worth mentioning this dish even though I didn’t order it because my jaw dropped at these pancake frisbees. We’re talking huge rounds topped with berries and a whoppee cushion sized scoop of ice-cream!

Wash that down with some warming chai ($3) and you still have change left over from a twenty.

Green Refectory isn’t somewhere that I’d necessarily cross town for and fine dining it ain’t. But for nearby residents I think it’d be a reliable standby and I enjoyed my cheap and cheerful breakfast there.

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Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick +61 3 9387 1150
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