The second of my forays into World Opera and Ballet was the lovely 2006 production of Giselle by the Royal Ballet.  Romanian ballerina Alina Cojocaru was deservedly promoted to the top rank of Principal after this performance of Giselle –  her bright smile and blithe spirit were perfect for the innocent Giselle, her technique was superb (such control on the extensions and lightness in her landings) and her tragedy was plainly evident on her delicately pretty features.  I’d not seen her performance much in real life when I visited the Royal Opera House (my ballet and opera partner preferred the Carlos Acosta/Tamara Rojo pairing), and I wish I had now becuase I fell in love with her on screen. Her Count Albrecht was her usual partner Johan Kobborg who was competent but definitely not as exciting to watch as either Cojocaru or my favourite male dancer Acosta.