In a bid not to start sagging at 30 or to have my wedding photos recording unsightly bulges for posterity, I’ve decided to join a gym. Well, sort of. Budgetary constraints and a lack of certainty in my living and work locations mean that I’m actually being a guileless gym tart by lining up a series of free trials at various gyms around the CBD.

First up is seven days at Genesis Fitness Club. Their website looked a bit cheap and amateurish, so I was surprised to find a bright, clean, spacious and well-equipped gym, with lockers that use a pincode instead of the ones where you have to put a coin in (which you never have with you, or forget to retrieve at the end). I’ve already been to the yoga and pilates class, and I’ll be making sure I get the most out of this week’s gym membership by also trying out Bodypump, Cardio Blitz and spin classes.