every_little_step_xlgA Chorus Line is every dancer’s story: the childhood dreams, constant work and injury, the ruthless auditions, hope for the ‘big break’ and soul-destroying disappointment.

In 2006, the musical was revived for Broadway and open call castings were announced. 3000 dancers lined the streets to audition for nineteen roles, from seasoned Broadway performers to newbies from New Jersey. Every Little Step is a documentary following the audition process from the beginning to the end and it provides an insight into the tough life of showbiz. Basically, you’ve got to like yourself, because not everyone will like you every time. You’ve got to believe in yourself, as it’s possible that you are a great dancer, great singer, great actor, but you’re not at the right place at the right time, and even though you try your best and do everything right, you still may not end up with a job.

The audition process is interspersed with interviews with the original 70s cast production, who discuss how A Chorus Line was developed from midnight taped interviews that dancer/choreographer Michael Bennett conducted with a group of dancers.

Every Little Step is an engaging and entertaining film and in fact seeing all those bright young hopefuls go away empty-handed had me bawling. Maybe I identified with them a bit too deeply, because they, like me, need a job.