Today we welcome a new guest blogger, a fashionista man-about-town who prefers to remain anonymous and will be using the rather salicious pen-name of LesKiss (for those who don’t know, Les Kiss was actually a NSW rugby league player in the 80s and 90s). Thanks LesKiss!

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I can’t believe he took me to a food court on our first date!  This didn’t bode well for us, but then I really didn’t have very high expectations for Meat Head.  The text on his dating profile was scant and forgettable, but he looked stacked in the pictures and I wanted to see the gun show in person.  I admit that it was the prospect of witnessing a bicep flex that resulted in me sitting down for a meal at EC Pot. I didn’t regret it, the eating part that is.

How fantastic is it to see pictures of what you can order?  Food shots are particularly helpful when the menu runs for pages as Asian menus typically do.  I got really excited when I saw that most dishes were priced around a recession friendly $10.  And there wasn’t a bain marie in sight; food was made to order.  The restaurant was even licensed, so we had a Tiger beer each to help lubricate the conversation.  It wasn’t enough beer.

EC Pot specialises in clay pot dishes, which I didn’t fancy that summer’s night, so I opted for the char kway teow.  My rice noodles weren’t bathing in oil, it was seasoned just right and with just a hint of spice, and the seafood ingredients and portion generally was generous.  I was impressed.  Good choice Meat Head.  Thanks for reminding that excellent budget level food court dining exists in Melbourne.

Now, back to you Meat Head.  No one goes harder than you at the gym?  You don’t say!  You had better get back to it then.

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