Today’s post is on the fascinating topic of…dry cleaning.

Just before you turn away, this is not a sponsored post (if it was I would be very clear about it). I found out about this service and I liked them so much I think it’s worth sharing.

Dry cleaning is one of those time-consuming chores which is annoying but necessary. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find it a pain to have to spend time going to the dry cleaners in their lunch break or on the weekend.

Well, I’ve found a service which is about as painless as dry cleaning can get. DryCleaning@Work picks up your items from your CBD location, cleans them in their Albert Park building, then drops them off to your work the next business day. All you have to do is set up an account to book your pickup – you don’t even have to spend time listing the items (although it probably doesn’t hurt for your own records in case there’s a dispute).

Best of all, the prices are very reasonable (charged to your credit card) and from what I can tell the quality is good – no shrinking, shiny bits or melted trims. My recent dry cleaning list included:

  • 1 x delicate silk top = $8
  • 1 x silk skirt = $6.50
  • 3 x Wool pashmina scarves  = $6.50 each
  • 2 x silk and tulle evening dresses, including my wedding dress = $15 each
  • 2 x silk delicate dresses = $12 each
  • 1 x delicate dress = $10
  • 1 x knee-length overcoat = $10
  • 1 x suit = $13

CBD Pickup + Delivery = Free!

I don’t know why more dry cleaners don’t offer this kind of service to busy professionals. I highly recommend DryCleaning@Work for a cheap and convenient dry cleaning option, and in fact I’ve told my workplace about them. They also offer laundry services and repairs and alterations.