The history of my enduring love for Don Don began with Jenny, who was then working at ASIC (which is close to Don Don’s Little Lonsdale St branch). She raved about the cheap and hearty Japanese food and fast service, such that I would occasionally schlep my way up from my office on Collins St just to eat there.

The second phase of Don Don love was during my secondment at Sensis, where I was across the road from its Swanston St branch. The tiny little restaurant was always cramped and busy with many office workers and students, and I’d eat there frequently at lunch, or pre-movie, or take away home.

Two years on, and the formula still works, although the days of $5 dishes are no longer. Cath and I met up for a quick Sashi Don, a large bowl of rice filled with crunchy radish and cabbage, pink ginger, pickles and a large rosette of raw salmon. Great value for $8.30.