Even though Christmas is over, there are another eleven months of the year where you might have a need to buy nifty, gifty things.

If that’s the case, drop into make Designed Objects. This two-storey converted cottage in Carlton is a treasure-trove of great design gadgets, ornaments and useful doodads from all over the world, with a strong leaning towards Scandinavian items. It’s kind of being able to visit the drool-worthy Design House Stockholm without actually having to get on a plane and to my delight I discovered many of the products that I carted back from overseas nestled in amongst the wall-to-ceiling shelves.

My initial reason for visiting make was to purchase a Flensted mobile. Mobile making is a traditional craft in Denmark and Flensted have been making modern, abstract and Alexander Calder-esque mobiles since 1954. Life & Thread is the one that is adorning our house.

I returned the next day for a further browse and walked out with a bamboo banana hanger. What can I say, I eat a lot of bananas :–)

Other items that caught my eye/made me giggle/things that I already own which I needn’t have schlepped home in my carry-on luggage.

Ninja Bread Men cookie cutters. ‘Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning.’

Silicon foodloop – better than kitchen string, reuseable and washable. I use them for roasting meat mostly.

The elegant Side by Side teapot warmer. Side by Side is a collaboration of nine workshops, based around Germany, with a mission is to combine good design with useful, everyday objects whilst also providing meaningful employment for their for the intellectually and physically disabled.

Kikkerland Clap-On Alarm Clock. Just clap and voila – the time appears. Hours of entertainment!

make Designed Objects are currently having 15% off storewide until the end of January. If you can’t make it to Carlton, they have a comprehensive and easy-to-browse online store which is also on sale.