I have never written an advertorial on the blog, but in this instance I am going to make an exception.

Why? Because CycleStyle is my business :–)

That’s right – while you’ve all been reading about my eating, drinking and shopping exploits, I’ve been establishing a little business on the side and I think it’s pretty HOT.

CycleStyle home page screenshot

CycleStyle is an online store with stylish clothing and accessories for the urban cyclist. Basically people just like me! I don’t own a car, I ride a bike everywhere and I want to look good on and off the bike. Whether I’m going to work, the shops or the movies I don’t want to dress up in unflattering, flourescent cycle gear – no one needs to see my bum encased in lycra!

And don’t worry, I won’t be constantly bombarding you all with CycleStyle stuff – this isn’t what MEL: HOT OR NOT is about. Occasionally if there’s something spectacular I think you should know about then I’ll post something here. Otherwise you can keep up to date with CycleStyle news via the CycleStyle blog, CycleStyle on Facebook or via twitter.

I’m just starting out so and learning the ropes as I go – so please feel free to send me any feedback/suggestions/comments to

Over and out!