Some of you may already know Curious Kate, but for those who don’t it’s a sweet weekly newsletter headed by Bec van der Sluys about all that’s cool, interesting, and of course curious about Melbourne for the week.  I think it’s a little Michi, a bit ThreeThousand. Thanks Bec!

Bec, tell me a bit more about your background and how you came to write Curious Kate?

I have business degree majoring in marketing and have worked in hospitality, event management and retail, amongst various other roles. I have also travelled extensively and wanted to incorporate all my skills and my curious nature in an online business.

Curious Kate was developed when I recognised a gap in the market for an eNewsletter that was informative, different and catered for women and men not only in their 20s but in their 30s and beyond.

Curious Kate also includes Harriet, a lovely girl in her 20s studying to be an actress who works on Curious Kate in her spare time. I work with her because she brings a younger knowledge and depth to the Curious Kate posts by enabling us to cover a wider selection of information. She has her finger on the pulse! She shares the same values and ideas as me and we have the same taste, so it works well.

What is the philosophy of Curious Kate and how do you decide what curiosities to feature every week?

There is certainly a random nature to Curious Kate‘s curiosities. We wanted to drop any pretence and find interesting and different things to feature. We like hearing from all sorts of people and if their event or product or website is relevant to our subscribers, then we’ll feature it. Harriet and I generally split the curiosities work load.

The Curious Kate website contains some original hand drawn artwork from Melbourne based artist Eveline Tarunadjaja. How did you find Eveline?

Eveline was recommend by a friend whom was doing some graphic design work for. I had also seen her work featured in Frankie magazine and thought she’d be the perfect fit for the Curious Kate concept.

What are your next plans for Curious Kate?

We are building an online directory to list and feature our curiosities and other relevant people and businesses. This will help our subscribers easily find things they are looking for and help the people and companies we feature to promote their businesses and assist in their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns. We are going to make this national rather than Melbourne/Victoria centric and hope to roll out targeted newsletters to each state in Australia.

Out of all the Curious Kate curiosities, what are your favourite places to visit or things to do in Melbourne?

My favourite place to shop is at Katani (330 Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda Cnr Pier Rd 1300KATANI), recently opened last summer, they have a great range of labels, accessories & beach lifestyle products. Located right on the beach, the view is awesome and the staff are friendly and helpful; they also run a kiteboarding school.

Next to Katani, in the same building is West Beach Bathers Pavilion (330 Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda Cnr Pier Rd +9593 8833), a great place to grab a bite to eat for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. It has a totally different perspective of West Beach, St Kilda and Melbourne. A relaxed atmosphere where you can relax and chill out with friends.

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